Corporate Documents

Corporate Policy Documents
 The Profile of RAAS
The profile of RAAS is essentially contains the brief history and evolution of Association including status, memberships, networks, vision, mission, objectives, governance and structure of Association. It also contains the milestone of achievements and institutional capacity including physical resource, human resource including available skills, expertise and financial management

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 The Constitution of RAAS

The constitution is the supreme law of the Rainwater Association of Somalia (RAAS) that confirms to the national and international legal requirements of the non for profit, non-governmental organizations, as well as respects to the international humanitarian laws, the red cross code of conducts, universal declaration of human rights and earth charter.

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Financial Policy and Procedures Manual (FPPM)

The FPPM is intended for use within RAAS to help staff, Management and Board Members understand and comply with the Financial Policies, and Procedures established. It sets out the main requirements governing the various financial aspects of the organization’s activities and enables RAAS to comply with donor rules and regulations, their grant reporting requirements as well as adhere to the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

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Procurement Policy and Procedures Manual (PPPM)

The general principle of procurement is to ensure that personnel and partners shall always guarantee equal treatment of suppliers and high standards for integrity, transparency, price, performance and equality.

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Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual (HRPPM)

The human resources policy and procedures manual HRPPM determines contractual conditions, defines the rights and duties of the employee and the employer, determine the overall rights and duties which can be applied to employees. The aim of this HRPPM is to ensure that the organization’s structure supports RAAS’s mission and goals, and enables the organization to be responsive to the local operating environment.

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Ethics and Ant-fraud Policy and Procedures Manual (EAPPM)

It is the policy of RAAS to conduct its humanitarian operations in an honest and ethical manner. A zero-tolerance approach is applied to bribery and corruption at every level within its operations. This policy provides guidance on matters of expected ethical behavior, anti-corruption and anti-fraud related issues.

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ITC Policy and Procedures Manual (ICTPPM)

The ICT policy and procedures manual provides the policies and procedures for selection and use of ICT within the association that must be followed by all staff. It also provides guidelines RAAS will use to administer these policies, with the correct procedure to follow.

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