Board of Governance

RAAS is governed by its constitution that confirms to the national and international legal requirements of non-governmental organizations, as well as respects to the international humanitarian laws, the Red Cross code of conducts, universal declaration of human rights and earth charter. 

However, the organizational governance structure comprises of the three main organs listed bellow here;

  1. General Assembly (GA): is the supreme decision making body consists of all members of the association those elected the Governing Board (GB) of the organization
  1. Governing Board (GB): consists of five (5) members elected by the GA for five (5) years term in office to provide an overall leadership of the association
  1. National Secretariat (NS): consists of non-elected diverse professionals recruited with merits and competencies through open and competitive process guided by the organizational human resource manual. The NS is responsible for the day-to-day factions to meet the organizational mandate and headed by the Chief Executive
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